Fake and sample number (licence) plate photos

09a-more Ebay worldplatesuk modified plates and fakes

British Ebay plate dealer worldplatesuk update May 2011.
He is still trying to sell more of his modified Mongolian plates. These photos are of the original (and very genuine) plates sold by panzchin in Mongolia and the plates after modification by worldplatesuk.
C 77777 is supposed to be a Gibralter plate but it is a complete fake. All Gibralter plates have the letter G before the numerals. This plate was sold on Ebay to worldplatesuk and the original seller stated that it was an incorrect sample. It is now being sold as a genuine plate.
7825C is supposed to be a Gibralter motorcycle plate but it was sold on Ebay with the other one as an error plate because it does not have the G on the top line. It was used on a motorcycle for two days before the correct plate replaced it and this one was thrown away. It is now being sold as a genuine plate.


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