Fake and sample number (licence) plate photos

182-Somalia samples

Miscellaneous Somalia fakes and samples. The 3 on the left are probably older samples but this design was not adopted.
In the middle are some fakes with 2 possibly being samples - two from JD Applegate (3315 and 1471) with Arabic writing that looks like an illiterate wrote it and 3 with problems. 00002 has the Arabic number back to front (or maybe the western number) but is otherwise a reasonable example of the plastic 1980s plates from Somalia. Beware of unused versions of these plastic plates as they are made-to-order specials made for collectors. The top 2 in the middle have had the letters and numbers painted over the holes that were already in the plates that look like they were used for something previously – fake or sample I don’t know.
The 3 on the right are Utsch state limousine samples (the red one is from their brochure) and the real plates were stenciled (not pressed) with much lower numbers.


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