Fake and sample number (licence) plate photos

325-Ebay robert roman Senegal test design license number plate

Ebay seller robert_roman from Germany was selling this Senegalese plate DK-8125-AG (at the top of the photo) in November 2014.
All Senegalese plates are made on French blanks; this is not. This is a German high security blank. The blank is wrong, the dies are wrong, the design is wrong.
Mint African genuine used plates do not exist in real life as any specialist collector of African plates will testify; this is mint. Straight from the scrap bin of the German plate manufacturer I am sure.

Senegalese plates are plain white on blue (DK-4552-AC in the photo) but a very few optional plates exist with the designs at the bottom of the photo.

Why do people believe that mint, unused plate must be genuine? Check with the online photo archives, Google for (in this case) pictures of 'Senegal car', check on Flickr for 'Senegal car'. You will find thousands of pictures of the real thing and only then should you bid if you believe it is genuine. Most certainly not in this case!


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