Fake and sample number (licence) plate photos

338-Ebay teuresblech Iran Nepal sample license number plate

In late November 2014 Ebay seller teuresblech from Frankfurt in Germany had these two plates for sale. The top one is a sample for the Iranian 1993 private vehicle series with a wrong series number and a digit missing. There are at least 8 examples of this exact plate in collections that came straight from the manufacturer's scrap bin in Germany.
The bottom one is supposed to be a Nepalese government vehicle plate from the letters at the top but the colour is completely wrong. It should be red on white. It was made in Nepal but, like so many made-to-order specials from Nepal in collections, there is a lot wrong with it and it is nothing like a real plate from Nepal.

What do you get when you buy mint plates? ..............More scrap!


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