Fake and sample number (licence) plate photos

602-Ebay pinkocelot Tristan Da Cunha TDC souvenir number license plate

In April 2017 Ebay seller pinkocelot from Poughkeepsie, New York, USA was trying to sell this Tristan Da Cunha (TDC) plate.

He says it is used, real, authentic, genuine and valid. He expects 370USD for it.

It should be very, very obvious to him that it has never been used so I wonder whether he is a crook or just very stupid.
It is a souvenir that is sold in the island's shop for 16USD + postage when this type was on sale. I do not know what the current type is selling for but maybe 25USD I suppose.

These plates were never used on the island so everything he says about this plate is absolutely wrong, incorrect and false.

I will leave you to decide if pinkocelot is a crook or just a stupid greedy dealer.


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